Pro Version Not working

Paid for Pro version but seem to be stuck on free version. How does one get Pro working. Pro is my account as well but nothing seems to be happening. Maybe Matt should make an announcement here to all of us so we can some sort of idea what is happening. Also is there a manual?

Did you use Paypal? I had some issues early on with Paypal so if you could look back in and see if it shows Pro. If not can you see if the payment actually went through? (a lot of them failed)

Pro is in my account. PayPal all went through OK. I seem to be stuck on the free version. How does one get Pro working. What is the next step?

Do you mean the number of presets? You download the build and when you login it will automatically download presets. If you’re on mac I would download again from because I had an issue with mac downloads that’s now fixed.

All good Matt. The latest version for Mac allows all the download content. All seems to be working great. Is there a manual in the works?

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Yep depending on how much support I have to do it’ll be out soon.