Pro user - can't login

Can’t login through VST or standalone.
I’ve changed password, no difference.
I get the error “The password is invalid or the user doesn’t have a password”

Sorry about the trouble. What country are you in?

I think I’ve seen error with some Russian users because the default login font can’t render Cyrillic characters. They accidentally type one in the email so it looks like the email is typed in correctly but it actually has this hidden character. Could you try restarting Vital and typing in the email again manually?

If that doesn’t work I’ll look into a few more things.

I’m in the UK - I just changed it again and I can log in OK now…

OK hmm not sure what was going on then.
It should just remember that credential now so you shouldn’t have to log in again.

Same thing is happening to me. In the vst it wont take my password and when I download the factory presets it gives me an error saying there is no app associated with it to perform its actions.

This is a really different issue. Can you make a different thread with a screenshot? closing this thread.