Pro Tools AAX plugin

Have been watching videos on Vital this week and was about to purchase the Pro version until i realised you don’t support Pro Tools. Please include an AAX version if you can!
Thank you


I downloaded the free version and was blown away with it after trying in standalone app. Considered purchasing and it was such a bummer to find out there’s no AAX version. So I support the OP - we want AAX!


Your synth comes highly recommended, and I downloaded the free version to explore, but without Pro Tools I’m not likely to use it much. Looking forward to news on this

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I mentioned this in another thread about AAX support but I can’t seem to get Avid to respond to my emails requesting permission to use the AAX SDK.

I’m starting to reach out through more social channels to hopefully get in touch with someone but if any of you have a contact at Avid you could put me in touch with that would probably expedite an AAX version of Vital.

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Hi Tyyel.
Great synth. Anyway, Quick AAX question, I use PT 2020. Windows 10.
I am able to use vital through blue cat and Komplete Kontrol as vst wrappers. I just updated to version 1.0.8 I think it is.
The install had an AAX beta listed. I tried to install the AAX beta as well as the vst, but it didn’t install in PT.
Any advice on how to give the AAX a try?. I’m sure that I installed the latest version.
All else works fine.
Thanks in advance
Steven Kaufman

So, very stragne with this AAX plugin( beta) in the latest verson of Vital. I
For me, , the AAX(beta) plugin installs in my PT 2020, win 10, but unfortunately doesn’t appear as an available instrument. I’ve never seen this Pro Tools weirdness before. It’s sitting in the active AAX plugin folder, but then doesn’t appear in one’s list of instruments to use, after one has created a typical stereo instrument track.

Any updates on AAX support?

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I no longer use Pro Tools but when I used to run into similar problems I would use BlueCat Patchwork which allows u to use VST 2 / 3 inside of pro tools and more, hope that helps.

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I am about to try make contact through avid link and see if i cant wrangle a protools employee :wink: see if that helps you, no guarantees obviously… lol

Sent a message off to Avid and they said to apply here in the Dev portal! :slight_smile:

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Please AAX version ASAP …THX

B.t.w. Is it really fun to do stuff like that on Pro Tools? Had to use Pro Tools at SAE for a while and always wondered if there are people out there using PT for the creative part of creating electronic music?
Was always happy to switch to an in my opinion more intuitive and creative DAW like Live (or Logic) back at home and use Pro Tools only for recording and in depth editing of traditional music…

Hi there, very satisfied Vital user here. Just would like to keep the AAX train going, because I think it’s the only issue with the synth. I mainly prefer VST based DAWS because I like the variety in free VSTs better than PT but for school I’m required to use it because it’s “industry standard” (two of my least favourite words). There are a lot of projects that I always want to start with Vital but then remember that I can’t. It also doesn’t help that the selection of free wavetable synths on ProTools is laughable, and the paid ones are borderline ridiculously expensive (at least for a broke uni student like me).

Just jumping on this too - really love Vital and am currently using it in Pro Tools through the Blue Cats Patchwork plugin as a host, but AAX support would be much smoother so plus 1-ing this request! I understand how frustrating Avid can be to contact & deal with but if you can get it over the line it’d be awesome :slight_smile: