Pro Tools AAX plugin

Have been watching videos on Vital this week and was about to purchase the Pro version until i realised you don’t support Pro Tools. Please include an AAX version if you can!
Thank you


I downloaded the free version and was blown away with it after trying in standalone app. Considered purchasing and it was such a bummer to find out there’s no AAX version. So I support the OP - we want AAX!

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Your synth comes highly recommended, and I downloaded the free version to explore, but without Pro Tools I’m not likely to use it much. Looking forward to news on this

I mentioned this in another thread about AAX support but I can’t seem to get Avid to respond to my emails requesting permission to use the AAX SDK.

I’m starting to reach out through more social channels to hopefully get in touch with someone but if any of you have a contact at Avid you could put me in touch with that would probably expedite an AAX version of Vital.