Presets not playing

Hey! Complete beginner here, when I go to browse the preset library I have all my presets there but when I’m clicking them they are not playing anything, however if I play the keys I can hear the sound. When I look at youtube videos of people using vital, once they click a preset it starts playing it instantly, I wonder what am I missing?

Would be very happy if somebody could help me with this, I been trying to look for solution but haven’t found it yet. Thanks!

They are probably using it in a DAW that is playing a midi file so they have their hands free to change the presets with the mouse.

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Allright that makes sense, I thought at first there would be loops that are ready, gonna have to do some more research before starting then. Thanks for the answer!

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That’s the expected behavior of most software synths.

They most likely have some other software or hardware constantly sending notes / playing virtual keys, such as a sequencer or a DAW.