Presets not found

hey, i downloaded the free version of VITAL, which says you get 75 presets, yet when i go to change the preset, nothing comes up. the only sound i have is the initial preset

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I have the same issue. Did you find a fix? I’ve had this issue with entire VSTs (iZotope Iris2/Ozone 9 and Native Instruments Massive) so hoping it is just a few buggy presets.

If I had to guess (haven’t been able to dl vital yet bc of the “virus” issue). If the presets come separately downloaded there is often a folder in documents where you store .fxp / preset files for vsts. I probably shouldn’t answer blind, but that would be my guess.

For me is the Same Problem. No Presets. I think because my Firewall blocks it.
Can anybody say me wich URL/Server i must open in Firewall for the Vital VST please?

Allow in you firewall all connection to the application “Vital” and start it in standalone mode. It will download automatically
If you see only links in firewall, the links looks like this Pack 1/Abstractor.mp4”

I had to import them. The install downloaded a file called FactoryContent.VitalBank

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