Presets made with the free version

Are presets made on the free version only compatible with the free version? Conversely, presets made in a paid-for version will only work in that version? How will 3rd party presets be handled?

idk how they protect against piracy, that is someone could buy paid version and circulate all presets. i strongly advise against that, these guys put a lot of work and effort and energy, for us so that we can produce music without worrying about synths and vsts and they give it away for free. anyways, the free presets prolly work with paid edition but i dont think the paid presets will work with free plugins. i believe that vital authorizes the plugins from internet or some other method to check that it is not paid plugin presets being used in free version so that means that paid presets wont work on free plugin. about 3rd part plugins, i think they will work, unless you are trying to use paid preset with free version, every other 3rd part preset should prolly work.

I think the whole monetization model is relying on good will from customers, you get presets but it’s more about supporting and valuing the developer(s?) IMHO.
I don’t know whether I really need unlimited text-to-speech (goes actually trying that feature out)

Whether patches are technically restricted as in copy-protection, I don’t know. Possibly


This is actually a question for the developers so maybe posting here was a mistake. I will email them!

Seeing as I can’t seem to contact the dev I would appreciate it a reply.

@andrew_a shared a few patches from the Plus version which I could open in the free.

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bonjour j’ai acheté la c-version pro et j’ai les presets de la version free ?

tell me why please :slight_smile:

Oh that’s interesting. Did they use wavetables not in the free version?

I think the ones used I have in the free. Will need more testing here.

Matt should put some protection in place to make sure those who sell paid packs are not doing it for “nothing” when the first guy starts putting them online. Maybe some code you need to use along with paid Banks, idk

i know that the halycon sound pack is compatible with the free version because they said that on their stream. not sure about the others

My guess is, it might be related to this thread, where they wonder, why patches have quite some filesize. It might be possible, that the wavetable is embedded in the patch.

c’est bon j’ai tout désinstallé et réinstallé et tous les presets se sont chargés, c’était la version free qui empêchait le téléchargement malgré avoir réinstallé par dessus (je suis sur imac Mojave 64go)
Sinon vraiment superbes presets j’ai hâte de bricoler les miens !

Ow come on friends…
So if I buy a $5 pack of Vital presets and have the free version, they won’t work for me?
They will! Whether a preset works with a synth or not depends upon how much functionality is missing in the free version…

Any vital preset will work on any version.

(P.S. I’m not trying to be rude)

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