Presets June 2022

Currents.vital (352.5 KB) Blurtle.vital (715.7 KB) Covis 2.vital (160.7 KB) Covis.vital (165.6 KB) Hydrocide.vital (209.9 KB) Innervoid Pad 1.vital (610.5 KB) Innervoid Pad 2.vital (156.9 KB) Messy Talker 2.vital (620.5 KB) Messy Talker 3.vital (1.9 MB) Messy Talker.vital (620.4 KB) Multi FM 2.vital (325.5 KB) Multi FM.vital (326.3 KB) Percussional Puns.vital (208.7 KB) Proclamator.vital (1.7 MB) Queeb.vital (693.4 KB) Question and Answer 2.vital (636.6 KB) Questions and Answers.vital (197.8 KB) Uploading: Sonic Bend.vital… Uploading: Sonic Glitch.vital… Uploading: Sonic Growl.vital…

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Are there more to come here? Sonic Bend, Sonic Glitch, Sonic Growl? Anything else?

Yea, connection was kind of shitty when they uploaded. I’ll get those up. Thnx for pointing it out

Thanks anyhow.