Presets in folder

How can you put single presets in a name folder ? Have a load that i can view in all , tried to put them in folders doent seem to work , many thanx

Hey there,
To clarify, you are looking to save presets outside your user folder, similar to the packs you might purchase?

Simply create a new folder alongside the other packs (normally in user / Documents / Vital i believe, same place as your User folder)
This folder can be named however you like.
Create a subfolder inside this folder titled ‘Presets’ and save your patches there.

Just like your user folder, Vital will need to see the same substructure to read it. So same goes for folders like Samples, LFO, etc if you’re looking to save those as well

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thanks just been looking into this tonight ,will try your suggestion ! Have tried user 2 folder doesnt seem to work . think it the sub folder i m doing :wink: brill

rr thats a detail i over looked very exciting thanx have a gr8 evening :laughing:

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