Presets and wavetables in Plus and Pro

I’ve put this in the Share category – but really I’m asking some of you to share your experience with the Plus and Pro versions.

Specifically, have you found any presets or wavetables that make you think, “Wow, that’s practically worth the extra price by itself?”

(Of course people with the Plus or Pro version might not know which presets and wavetables are in the Free version. But that could make the answers more interesting. It would be revealing either if the presets and wavetables mentioned in the answers are in the Free version, or if they are not.)

Hi Scott,
I have the subscriber version (which doesn’t come with many presets (54)) and, apart from the In-The-Mix patches that I bought separately, and the Yuli Yolo ones, the other presets are pretty much crap.
I commented in a few YouTube videos before Vital was released today that all the beta testers were just making over-modulated farts and noises. Unless you’re going to score another Blade Runner movie they’re pretty much useless.

So I’d also like to know what the pro users think; particularly the musicality of the other patches.

I like some of the other presets I’ve heard in the Free version – and I haven’t heard all of them yet. But so far I’d agree that several of the best ones are from Yuli Yolo. (The string section preset from In the Mix is also really good. I imagine that some presets will really show their worth when used in various ways. Maybe the creators can demonstrate their uses in some videos…)