Preset sounds different sometimes at first note on

played a preset today and the first time it sounded like this:

(recorded this in one go, first 1 note analog+, then preset change to arrival, waited 5 sec and pressed key)

next time i pressed a key it sounded like this:

tried to understand whats happening and recreate the first sound in a preset. but couldn´t figure out whats happening.
when the preset sounds different it plays as long as i hold the key, but on the next key pressed it stops after 16 sec or something.
it happens everytime when i play a note quick after preset change, sometimes when i wait a bit until level is all down, and sometimes it happend when i Close/open vital, choose the arrival preset and play the first note. :upside_down_face:

Arrival.vital (245.7 KB)

Analog Lead .vital (395.7 KB)

can someone try if this is happening for them too? thanks
didn´t notice this on any other preset.

Hi @vcvr - I’m not able to replicate what you describe. Testing the lead patch you attached, and it sounds consistent. Sorry I can’t help.

@andrew_a thanks for testing, it´s the arrival preset that changes not analog lead one.

tried it on win 7 an ubuntu 20.10 happens on both. (btw vital works very nice on linux for me)

no big deal, i´m just curious.

I think it has to do with Random 1 and 2 as the name suggest these are random.
try switching them off ( as in picture below)

Now it wil sound the same every time you hit a key.

turned phase random to 0%, delete the four random modulaters completely, turned off all fx and saved the preset. still get different sounds on first note. :upside_down_face:

i accept it how it is, not so important. :slight_smile:

@Yeager, nice arp you posted.

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Too bad, I thought that was it, but alas.


@vcvr - same with Arrival preset - sounds the same to me on repeated plays.

I’m convinced that there are situations where the envelopes don’t reset or something. I have also heard unexpected differences in the sound as I play different notes.

I haven’t seen (heard) this problem lately. If I encounter it again, I will try to find a way to replicate and I will share it here.

I’ve gotten the same bug, with Arrival and other presets and like @qub1t says, it’s envelope related, although I don’t know why the envelopes don’t always reset. It might be because the presets were made on an older version of Vital. I’ve noticed it also happens more often when more than one note is played at once.

@qub1t @twinsofmessaline

thanks, rebuilded arrival in 1.0.5 an it´s fixed now. old version :bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug:

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