Preset/Sound changes when I hit pause in Cakewalk

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when I enter the piano roll in Cakewalk and hit space to pause the track, vital changes the sound of the selected preset. It gets reduced to a simple pluck sound and I need to reload the preset. Any idea why that could be or am I doing something wrong?

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ps: Vital is incredible!!


first thing i would check, when you hit space maybe cakewalk is sending some midi cc that causes vital to change something. Filter that cc message if possible, or try to change something in cakewalk settings.

if everything turns into pluck, i would guess it shortens decay time, maybe you can see the change in vital envelope 1 or somwhere.

good luck

You can check the Keyboard Shortcuts in Cakewalk’s Preferences. Here it shows the Space Bar is [RSVD] which I assume means reserved. I’m not sure if that means it can’t be changed.

Hitting the Space Bar here does not change anything in Vital.


After giving it some more thought does the patch name change as well or is it just some parameters that change? Could it be there is a Program Change message embedded in your project ? To be honest I don’t know if Vital responds to Midi Program Change Messages or not.

was thinking about that to, tried to send some random pc messages to vital but nothing happend.
So it is some other kind of midi message, or some other kind of data.