Preset recall automation

I would like to have dozens of various patches in any given session and either need to have lots of vital instances or freeze the audio then lose easy tweakability. Would it be possible to allow presets to be recalled/selected with automation?

Not that I’m aware of

Yeah, unfortunately I would think coding this kind of thing would be very difficult.

Otherwise, if you’re in ableton you could automate instances on and off, or mute/unmute in an instrument rack. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could try to create a patch that combines similar sounds together in one patch by getting very creative with the modulation matrix wherein a macro could “move through presets” of that particular patch, if that makes sense.

if you find yourself freezing a lot to save cpu, try running Vital in draft mode (advanced tab) until you’re ready to flatten to audio, then you can bump up the quality.

Hope this helps!

like program changes? that would be awesome.
or a program list