Preset pack for psychedelic!

Enjoy this first Pack of Presets :cara de loco: made by me exclusively for the Vital community. :mueca:

Go to this link to download this pack.

Unzip the file and paste the folder in:

Leave your comments and tell me what you think


Thanks for posting will check these out :+1:t2:

Cool, will check them out :smiley:

Awww shiiiit, am i gonna feel like i just blasted off into hyperspace after this?

Thanks for posting i’ll check these out <3


They’re good, thanks.:+1:

Nice work! Try this if you are interested in psytrance:

Crystal FM.vital (1.5 MB) Psy Bass 1.vital (170.1 KB)


I’m trying to understand how you modded everything to work the way it does but im confused lol

on the crystal one

Nevermind i firgured it out! the LFO’s have delays. somehow typing that out made my brain work xD

First I chose a wavetable, I try to get it random with some S&H 1/4 random modulation on the oscillator pitch. In the second time I added a formant filter (amizing in Vital) and put some LFO on the smear unison and filter for more dynamics. And this is all!

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Yes, the dalay on the LFO is like “open” and “close” the LFO. I think it’s just like a dry / wet or mix knob on the LFO! when the delay is all the way up the LFO don’t work, but if you put the delay knob to the minimum you can hear the LFO working. It’s an interesting modulation in Vital.


I cant seem to download the file, have you protected it?

Cheers mate!

It says here he moved it to his trashcan in Google drive, which is probably why we can’t access them.

Can you please upload it again? It says its in trash now.

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What’s up guys, I thought it was erased, but I have it available. I’ll edit the link, so you can try downloading it.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been learning Psytrance production techniques that I also use in other genres and Vital is proving to be perfect for modern dance music of all kinds. :+1: