Preset naming in Reaper => space bar starts DAW Play

I’m using 1.5.5 on macOS Ventura in Reaper DAW (1.0.7 before, same symptoms). Saving a preset, I can only enter standard characters, but not space: that is passed right through to the DAW and starts Play. I haven’t been able to find out whether other characters are passed through as well (would/could potentially be catastrophic). I’m using a Swiss German keyboard, so I switched to US keyboard, but no difference. I also tried Apple’s Keyboard Viewer for input, also no help.

Huh weird, does it let you type full characters in standalone mode?

Yes, no problem there! But then, there’s no underlying anything (like a DAW) to pass the keystrokes to.

This is a bug in the CLAP plugin.

Actually, I’m using the VST version.

Sorry I think you updated/edited your issue after my reply.
Not super familiar with reaper but can’t you put plugins into container like devices? Maybe that would help?

Sorry very vague lol

Can you check this ?

I don’t have these dropdown menues - I’m using Reaper as the host (what are you using in the screenshot?)


Right-click the top (blue) bar for the menu.

Okay - that’s where the confusion (mine) came from: my macOS latest Reaper version has a “+” (never noticed before!!!), and there’s the “Send all keyboard…”. And yes: now my keyboard inputs work properly!! Thanks for that.

Note to Vital devs: wouldn’t it make sense to have all keyboard input go to the active window? Or was the thought to still enable Play with the space bar even when a plug-in window is open?

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i think that’s not up to the plugin developer, that’s up to the DAW/host developer.

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