Preset Names list


If possible, add a user text field to the preset list for “Character” or some other title to allow Vital users to describe or classify presets. The length cold be limited to a certain number of characters if necessary.

While the given categories are well-chosen and helpful, I think having a user defined field available would be helpful.

Not essential, but if this part of the instrument was being improved, I think it would be a useful addition.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


This would certainly be a helpful improvement; for instance: custom text ‘tags’ for a given project that you’re working on could help you filter out and recall candidates for a composition. This, and some of the several preset improvement FRs in the forum & discord would really improve workflow with presets substantially. It’s a kind of minimally sufficient at the moment IMHO

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I love the idea of tagging support. I don’t love the categories; they just aren’t specific enough for me. If tags were user-specific (ie, they don’t get saved in the preset, so if you publish presets, they are untagged), it would allow me to create my own taxonomy for my preset collection.

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