Preset location

Any news on where the location of the presets are?

There is a known bug on Mac where the presets and wavetables aren’t prompted to install after signing into Vital. Matt is looking to get it fixed and is going to add the ability to download the libraries separately.


Thanks appreciate the reply - guessing it’ll be available shortly.

they are located in “documents - vital” folder on windows computer

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Not so for the Mac.

same issue on Mojave, Live 10 and 11 latest betas // instead of waiting, I started to play around with what I have, drawing and modulating everything from scratch… and oh my… I’m just amazed

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Yes got into that right of the bat myself - just like to deconstruct the presets for additional nuances.

Hmmm, strange… No patches or wavetables here either. Mac (Catalina, Logic Pro).

Was no beta testing done on Vital?

For those of you on mac, if you download the latest from it should download the presets now!


There was plenty of beta testing. Unfortunately downloading presets is not something beta testers do everyday (most people do it once)


Yep, latest version works. Thanks. Sounds great! :slight_smile:

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Seems it’s sorted. Log into your account - download and instal the pkg. Just about to do it now.

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I’m having the same issue but on Windows 10. Reinstalled it, no luck

Can you try running the standalone and logging in?

Just tried it - nothing still

All good! thanks :wink:

Alright, I’m still tracking a couple of the issues down but I’m going to put a manual pack download up on the site that should at least be a workaround.


Awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to try Vital out :smile:

For some reason I stayed logged in when I uninstalled/reinstalled. I tried logging out before uninstalling, reinstalling Vital, and deleting the errors.txt file and it’s working now!