Preset Browser: 'USER' folder to top of the list?

Hi Matt,

Thank you for Vital, it’s AMAZINGLY AMAZING!

Small feature request: could you move, or give us the option to move the USER folder to near the top of the list, please? Somewhere near *FAVORITES and *ALL would be perfect… unless, of course, you are working on giving us options to change the default SAVE path…?

Many Thanks


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Would love user folder at the top as well, for now though I got around this by making my own “preset pack” with a name so it appears closer to the top
Saved my most used and favourite ones. That said it’s extra work

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The preset browsers need support for subfolders and a way to pin some folders to top, or some other way to organize the library for sure.

If you’re on Windows, you may want to apply this kinda workaround:

  1. Navigate to your Vital data folder, where all the preset folders lie, in PowerShell.
  2. Run this command:
    2.1 New-Item -ItemType Junction -Path '.\_MyPresets' -Target '.\User\'

This creates a junction point (a reparse point) called '_MyPresets' that points to your user presets folder. Vital will see the junction as a normal folder and since the name starts with an underscore Vital places it to the top of the list under All and Favorites.

If you ever need to get rid of that, you can remove it with rmdir '.\_MyPresets'. That won’t touch your user folder, only removes the reparse point.

Ofc you may use any name for the junction you wish to, as long as it starts with a character that places it above other folders.

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and would love to be able to drag drop presets onto folders

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