Preset browser gets out of sync when deleting presents in a category

While cleaning presents by category, I’m hitting a bug systematically:

  1. Select a category, i.e. Experimental.
  2. Sort by name of preset.
  3. Start trying presets, starting from the top.
  4. Give a star to some presets, delete other presets.

No matter how many presets you delete, the name of the preset shown in the top left and the name of the preset selected in the list is the same.

The browser gets easily out of sync, and the names of the preset in the browser and the list will differ. This is especially problematic because, if you are not paying attention, you might delete the wrong preset.

The only way I have found to get the browser in sync is to deselect the category and select it again.

Related, in this setup, starring a preset sometimes gets the list out of whack. Here too the solution is to deselect and select the category.

This happens in Vital 1.0.5 on Windows.

can confirm this.

with ubuntu 20.10. if i choose category it shows only presets with the category, but as soon as i delete one it shows all presets. and then when i open one with double click, sometimes it opens a preset with other name.

didn´t try with stars.

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Can confirm icaria’s issue description. This issue still occurs in 1.0.7 and is quite problematic since you can possibly delete (or overwrite) the wrong preset. Would be nice if this got fixed soon.