Preset Browser Advance/Next Bug

quite a hidden one, not sure if we already had it…

clicking the presetbrowsers > (advance) button does occasionally NOT advance
to the correct next preset; repeatable
dependant on folder/subfolder browsing and closing/(re)opening vital’s window

step by step repeatable procedure:

  1. open vital
  2. open presetbrowser
  3. select the “Factory” category
  4. select 1st preset “Ah Eh Ee Oh”
  5. close presetbroser (clicking the “X”)
  6. click the preset advance button aka >
  7. “FM Drum Circle” gets selected, which is the correct next preset - all fine
  8. close vital’s window
  9. re-open vital’s window
  10. click the next preset button >
  11. you would expect “Plucked String” but NO!
    another, not-expected aka wrong preset will be selected
    actually: the first one in the overall, complete list of presets
    and NOT, as expected, the next in the Factory category which would be “Plucked String”

this bug can imho lead to quite a lot of confusion when presetbrowsing…


Yes, this is a nuisance. Hopefully Matt will fix it before too long.