Precision modifier keys

I’ve had to manually type in very low values in some cases (two or three decimal places - 0.01, 0.002, etc.) which is time consuming.

I was kind of hoping maybe SHIFT or CTRL would let me finetune values with greater precision? Modifier keys don’t seem to have any effect, so that should be possible?

For example, maybe 10x precision with SHIFT, 100x precision with CTRL?

I’m experimenting with self-oscillating filters, and tuning them precisely (short of manually typing in the values) has been quite challenging, as some of these require modulation and other settings with extremely high precision.


Rather odd because this functionality is already included! Holding down SHIFT will increase the values whilst CTRL will decrease them


You’re right, CTRL does increase the precision! Just not nearly enough for what I needed.

(SHIFT doesn’t do anything for me.)