Praise for Mod Matrix Sort, useful tip for new users

I just noticed this and thought it worth mentioning.

Items in the Modulation Matrix may be sorted by clicking on the column headings. Very smart design. When a patch gets more complex I find editing on the Mod Matrix is often the best workflow.


hmm…doesn’t seem to work on the mac (v1.0.7)
is this a 1.0.8 only thingie? or are there some magic key-combinations ?

I’m running Vital 1.0.8 on a Win 7 Pro machine. No key combinations, just click on the top headers in the matrix and the items are sorted per selection. I don’t know anything about version history of this.

oh! now i see, what you meant
sorry, my mistake/missunderstanding
yes: also works on mac v1.0.7

i thought i could freely (!) rearrange the items by dragging them
would actually be a nice feature imho

freely rearranging by dragging the lines in seperate groups, maybe with subfolders…

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The sorting is “stable” meaning if you first sort by Name then sort by Author you’ll see them grouped by Author and sorted by Name within the groups.

If you click Name then Style, then Author you see all “afro”'s patches grouped by type and in alphabetic order by name. It’s not quite folders but it gets you most of the way there.

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thanks for the info
this sounds like the sorting in the preset browser ?
but the topic is the mod matrix…

Oops, looks like I went off piste. Same thing applies to them but is less useful.

I’m glad you mentioned it. I’d not noticed that behavior about the Preset sort. So you accidentally taught me something with an off-topic reply. :smile:

Glad to be of some assistance, albeit accidentally.

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