Possible Unison stack bug

Dear Matt & friends in the forum:
I have been using vital for a long time, but I only noticed this possible problem today.
When I was synthesizing a SuperSaw type sound, I adjusted the stack option to “2x octave”, but found that the sound produced (unison is 8v at this time) is not 12 (2x) or two octaves, but 12+ 7 forms. (e.g. root = C3,stack = G4):thinking:
So I need to confirm whether it is possible that this is a bug, or there is a problem with my understanding :no_mouth:, and sincerely hope that this problem can be resolved in a follow-up update, thks :slightly_smiling_face:
P.S. In other wavetable synth (e.g. serum), the 2x option is divided into two types: 12 (2x) and 12+7 (2x). The sound of 12 is a stacking relationship of two octaves(root C3, stack C5).

yes. From the 5th voice up, the stacking is oct 1. oct 2. oct 2+7

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