Possible security problem


I have Vital+ and for short amount of time I wasnt able to sign in to plugin. It just got stuck with login screen and nothing happened. Now I discovered that my password was somehow changed as my original password didnt work here at website login. Then I reset my password via email link and everything works fine again. What concerns me is that is it possible to reset password with any email? I assume this is not the case obviously but Im 100% certain that my password was changed without me knowing it. I just thought to share this as its bit weird.


On previous versions of Vital if you typed your password incorrectly it wouldn’t show an error (just stay on signing in…)

Anyway it just sounds like you mistyped your password when making the account. I never receive passwords to my server, it just goes to an authentication service so there’s nothing I can do to change passwords or anything.

Yeah youre right, thats what must have happened.