Portable Vital?

Hello, I’d like to put Vital on a USB key to make sure I use the same up to date settings and presets in all workstations.

I see in config there’s an item for the instrument media path, but still VItal seems to install stuff in %Appdata% and maybe some other system folders (I’m referring to the Windows version of course).

Is there a way to have Vital completely contained in a folder (of course the DAW must look into it to find the plugin DLL)?


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Hi folks, very old topic but as I can’t find any answers I revive it. Some news about a “portable” vital installation ?

It’s oddly specific to want this only for Vital.

Maybe use a cloud storage?

No news about a portable Vital installation. The current version always writes and expects a .vital folder in the user home directory where it stores its configuration file and some index/database files.