Pops and crackles

Hey all! I love Vital except one thing- the crackling and popping. I tried running on a PC standalone and in Cubase 11. I don’t get it on every preset but I do for ex on Abby sun.

I put a scope on the output, when the problem occurs the signal flatlines. I’ve checked everything (I’m a software and an elec engr) and everything appears fine. No other vst does this. Multiple presets have this issue, there is no obvious pattern.

I tried disabling the WiFi driver, a tip I found online, but it didn’t work. I also tried turning off parts of Abby sun, but the issue will happen in the init osc.

All system metrics are fine and low relatively. Any ideas are appreciated!

What’s the oversampling set to? Try setting it to “1x draft”

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I tried this before and it didn’t help, but a found a rouge WebEx process and changed this and now it’s better. I didn’t play much today so I’m not sure if it’s 100%, but no matter what a big thank you!!!

I upgraded to Pro because of the improvement, but also for your quick response!!

Hello billc, i have the same problem you described above.
Did it work out for you and if yes can you tell me about this WebEx process please?

I really would like to upgrade to Pro but with this crackles its not worth it :confused:

Thanks in advance!