Pops and clicks in synth

Hi there,

I’ve been having issues lately with pops and clicks being present in the presets I’m making using Vital. Things I’ve already tried:

  • increasing my buffer in DAW
  • increasing the attack in envelope/LFO
  • raising the smooth value in the LFO
  • Turned off all effects

I notice the pop seems to appear briefly in the visualizer waveform. Any suggestions?

Let me know what additional information you may need to assist. Thank you.

If you upload the preset or catch it on video that would be the best way to find out the issue.

Sometimes if you have the multiband compressor on it will make some softer audio sound like a click if there isn’t other high end in your preset.

Here is the preset- seems to persist even with the compressor off. Thank you

There is a spike at the beginning of LFO 1. Try removing that. I moved the second segment down to show the spike:


You can also move Osc 3’s Wavetable frame up to get away from the sine wav as they tend to be clicky.

Hey Teksonik - thanks for the reply. I found the solution, I turned off the legato function that and fixed it. Cheers all.