Pops and Clicks due to spikes in the Random LFO Generator (volume warning)

The random generator spikes each time a new note is played, happens across all algorithms, happens in sync and stereo modes, and appears to be multiplied by the number of notes played.

This is the standalone version of vital 1.0.8 running on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS with a low-latency kernel (5.4.0-104-lowlatency).

It happens both in the DAW and standalone.

This issue is exacerbated by low buffer sizes and diminished with high buffer sizes. However, it is still significant across any usable buffer size. The above example is in Vital’s standard buffer size of 512 samples.

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I confirm this bug. Reproduces very easily. The bug manifests itself most strongly when I quickly press keys on a virtual keyboard or on a midi keyboard. There are very sharp changes in the envelope of the randomizer. Because of this, clicks occur if this randomizer modulates, for example, the volume of oscillators or some kind of filter. I think it shouldn’t be like this, so this is a bug.