Popping and Clicking

On certain presets I encounter a pop or click on every attack. I have attempted to adjust the Oversampling Rate, the ADSR parameters, the compressor, the phase, and the voices. Enabling legato has not corrected the issue, neither has changing the shape of the LFO controlling the parameters. I have tried disabling all of the effects and each of the oscillators one by one to find the culprit and the click is still present. The CPU usage is also not any higher than normal for other patches. I adjusted the bit rate and the sample rate in my DAW as well as switching drivers and my monitoring source, cables etc… What am I missing?
I can’t upload the attachment because it says I am a new user. Will update.

Upload the preset to a cloudshare service and send a link

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Sorry It took so long been really busy. If I tone down the Saturation and over compress the High Freq Band on the Multiband then it definitely reduces the clicking but it is still present.

I haven’t found a solution, but I found the problem: it’s the filter modulation.
pop problem.vital (245.5 KB)

Even though it looks like there is some envelope 1 attack time it actually has a value of 0.000 which will cause clicks with some waveforms.

Vital 021723

You can hear it very clearly by bypassing the FX Filter and Distortion.

Increasing the attack time to about 0.010 or so removes the clicks at least at the Osc level.

Thank you for getting back to me. I ended up adjusting the attack time and still get a pop on the attack. I also disabled the filter and still ended up with the same. I’m wondering if it has to do with just the specific combination of effects chain. I can eliminate most of the popping with a low pass on the distortion but it changes the timbre of the sound pretty significantly.

Leave the patch you posted above as it is then turn off the FX Filter and Distortion. When doing that here the clicking seems to be coming from the Compressor. Try some less aggressive settings in it.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

The envelope is just visually rounded to be 0. I’m not sure if this is significant to the problem, but you said it was zero when it isn’t internally. Not super important, but I thought it would be useful to clarify.

Oh ok but it does show as zero seconds here just left clicking the knob.

Vital 021723

Right Click Enter Value does show 0.000499 (there are actually numbers after the 499) which would be what in actual time?

Vital 021723-2

The math comes out to around 20 samples, not a whole lot, but enough to dissipate a pop. Besides, from my testing, it was modulation on the filter that caused popping, even with an LFO, not just the ENV.

Again I get clicks when the Filter and Distortion are bypassed and raising the Attack time does stop some clicks at the Osc level.

Try it there and see what happens. Load the preset and bypass the Filter and Distortion and play some keys. I get pretty nasty clicks here. I can stop the clicks by simply bypassing the compressor.

I think there is more than one issue with this patch including the fact that it is spiking the output.

Here’s what I get when just bypassing the FX Filter and Distortion:

And what I get when doing the same thing then raising the amp attack to 0.010