(Polyphonic) random stereo per note

Note sure how to describe this but it would be nice to be able to randomize panning polyphonically on a per note basis, so that every note within a chord can have a different panning. It’s very immersive and give some sort of 3D feel. This with the stereo LFO’s would sound very good.

edit, added the word polyphonic to avoid confusion.

hey thanks for the screenshot. yes I know how to random pan on a per note basis, maybe it was badly phrased but I meant polyphonic random pan per note, ie a chord with four notes and each note in this chord are panned differently

have you tried the suggestion? isn’t the random function polyphonic? the oscillator panning should be (i have not tried it)

It absolutely is, I just tried it. Both the note-on RAND and the curve RANDs are polyphonic.

But that’s per-NOTE polyphony, not per VOICE polyphony (meaning, unison voices), maybe that’s what OP means?

well, he asked about chord spreading, so i doubt it is about unison voices. but that’s a fair point, also for other things. i would prefer per voice (including unison notes) modulation instead of per note modulation.

Eh, I can see the use of per-note modulation. Personally I wish we could use unison as a modulation source, the way we use stereo (so you can drag-map it to a parameter and have each unison voice spread out across that parameter based on the depth and mod remap curve) but that’d potentially be a nightmare to program, especially with number of unison voices itself being automatable.

i think i read your previous comment wrongly. i thought you were talking about unison voices in the sense of for example 3 incoming midi notes at the same pitch…uncommon on a keyboard, pretty standard on a guitar like interface…

i suspect you are talking about unison voices from vital itself. i absolutely can see the sense in per note modulation!