Polyphonic Filters

Something cool about Surge is how the filters are polyphonic, so allll kinds of movement and depth happens with such wizardry.

Thus, I hereby utter and pronounce Polyphonic Filters as a FR, because I believe Matt Tytel can do anything.

The filters in the voice tab of Vital are polyphonic.


Told ya Tytel can do anything! Now that is what I call service. (Thanks Matt.)

how do you get the filter in the voice tab to be polyphonic? if i set any of the modulation modes to control the filter, they act globally not per-voice. What i want is a new instance of the entire filter and its modulation to be independent from each other per-event, per-voice. that is how surge works and that was what i was requesting. vital seems to modulate the filters monophonically, meaning each new note if triggered or enveloped, takes over the modulation of the target, rather than allowing the last envelope to continue until it finishes. maybe there is a specific mode that does what i’m saying, then again maybe not. but when it is accomplished you will certainly know it because it sounds amazing.

they are polyphonic

try this:
-) insert new instance of vita
it should open with the “Init preset”

-) voices should be set to 8
-) OSC1 is active; set level to 0.001
-) OSC1 is routed to Filter1
-) activate Filter1
-) set Filter1 Keytrack to 100%
-) set Filter1 Resonance to 100%

play and listen: the filter plays polyphonically
modulation is keytracking through midinotes

i suppose what you mean is not the filter but the LFO, which you use for modulation?
try different trigger modes…

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try this preset
i hope it’s obvious, that the filter is poly

LFO poly Test.vital (170.2 KB)

also play around with the LFO trigger modes
trigger -> poly
sync -> mono

even more fun with keytrack for frequency

cool, will try it. I’m not doubting this works, only it takes special knowledge such as the proper envelope mode, and I’m willing to learn of course.

ok super!

i guess visually representing polyphonic modulation is a monster task though.

and too confusing/irritating
too much flicker is uneasy on the eyes imho

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it’s a definite artistic decision to decide how to visualize polyphonic events, but probably not a popular subject to think about :slight_smile:

This is how PhasePlant shows there’s a separate LFO per voice.