Please optimize vital

Please, vital is a very good vst, but it requires an opengl of 1.4, optimize it, I want to use it but I have an opengl of 1.2, optimize it, it will not only help me, it will help those who are in the same situation, please


I don’t have any plans to support older opengl versions but I’ll be supporting directx soon which might work for you.


oh sim, por favor… aguardando anciosamente, obrigado!!!

I’m not quite sure how it working on older APIs counts as optimization. Optimization means making it more efficient, and older APIs are less efficient; so efficiency and optimization would include using newer APIs instead (and cutting away old). Cause newer ones are faster and better


Well, in this case DirectX and Metal work much better than OpenGL. You should test the latest beta, it is definitely an improvement over it. Probably because they are the native accelerated graphic APIs for Windows and MacOS, respectively.

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gee whiz the GPU audio thing is really getting spammed everywhere. How about put an ARM M2 cpu on a pcie3 card instead of using a video card for processing? you can have that idea for free Sargent Pepper.

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I’m not spamming - I am super excited. I want people to know - and I want our DAW makers and our VST makers to know so this happens really soon!

I was about to build a new music computer (with any old GPU because I don’t game…), but I may have to wait to see what this all means :slight_smile:

There’s a cool 3min q&A on youtube from a few days ago, but the most current news is on their discord.

There are heaps of people who don’t have the absolute latest CPUs who find VITAL to be a CPU hog - imagine if VITAL was ported to be GPU-powered…

And yeah, i’ve heard about ‘CLAP’ and I’m sure lots of work has gone into that, but that is still using a CPU. GPUs are infinitely more powerful and capable of real-time audio processing / rendering (that’s insane!). No CPU can do that at present. It also means we probably don’t need to spend $2k on a sound card to do that work…

If GPU was a good choice for real time sound processing it would have been used by now. You can find lots of discussions on KVR and other forums as to why it hasn’t been used yet (mainly latency problems and DAW processing not being that parallelizable (thousands of threads) IIRC).

If only there was like a GPU for audio one could use… It could be called a “DSP” or something. :slight_smile:

That’d actually be cool, but unfortunately we don’t have widely used standards for DSP like in the GPU world, so even though stuff exists they are either proprietary or are not used at all (Universal Audio, Avid have their own DSP stuff).