Please, for the love of god, can we get an independent VitalFX

The Vital Chorus might be my favorite chorus effect I’ve ever used. I would use it on everything if it were available as an independent effect.


The only thing I would ask is if we can have two filter modules in the FX version

Or, going crazy here, Vital FX also includes the ENVs, LFOs, matrix etc for modulation

Now that would be juicy! Similar to a Kilohearts Snaphead or Multipass. Obviously a big ask but might as well dream :slight_smile:


new oscillator mode: audio in. then vital can be used as an effect.

and for the effects section, should be that you can add any combination of effects, including duplicate effects.

and since vital was made open source, the only thing stopping separate FX to be released is that some programmer or developer would need to want to do it. and if there was some insight into the code as to where the summing is happening with the oscillator outputs, a stereo line in should theoretically be able to be mathematically added to the stereo input side of the effects chain with could possibly be near to zero cpu cost. this is the imagination talking of course. this for example can be attempted by a mad scientist with a copy of the vitalium source.


i think you should made it as feature request instead comment, audio in oscillator would be much better, i mean quantization and fm will work too

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gosh, i feel like i’ve almost made too many feature requests! but it does seem to me to be easy to just feed audio input which is a floating point number at sample rate into the signal chain inside vital and wreak havoc sonically. it would eliminate the need for a dedicated vital fx plugin as well. vocoding could be added as an fx module, etc.

edit: with an audio in oscillator mode in a dropdown menu, then vital wouldn’t need a sampler. one would just use their favorite sampler in the fx chain right before vital and within vital, pipe that in to the filter or fx section, and modulate the volume of the audio input with envelopes or lfo’s it should be as easy as an addition operation to add incoming audio.

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