Please explain the discord perk

I hope I am doing this right, I clicked on “modify” in my account page and pasted my discord name.
What next?


Also wondering this, checked my email and didn’t receive an invite or anythaang

i think that feature is just not ready yet. But i too would like an official confirmation of my suspicion :smiley:

Any word on what this discord perk is? I also just purchased the Pro license. :slight_smile:

I have PRO and I don’t get it either. I keep getting some kind of error that prompts me for my phone number which I feel is unnecessary.

I think there was a bug initially but this should be fixed now. Just make sure there is no space in the username#0000

Should definitely not ask for a phone number… Do you have a screenshot of that?

Maybe I screwed up somewhere but I’m currently at this point.

When I go through verification it says my email address is already registered. I also didn’t understand linking to my account. When I clicked on link nothing happened so on username#0000 I entered my username for Vital and then clicked link and the response I got was “Linked!”. How can I get everything reset and try the whole process again?

Ahhh ok, so you’re creating a discord account?
I’m not affiliated with discord at all so I don’t have control over the account creation/validation/etc so can’t help with that. I just use it as a chat room service (like Slack).

To clariy there’s a discord server (basically a chat room) where people can talk about Vital, like on this forum. The perk for buying pro lets you have access to private chat rooms once you’re already in the public Vital server here:

Once you’re in the discord server you can click on your user name and it will show you what you can type in on the Vital site to link the account image