Play position modulation for the Sample

Feature Request: play position modulation for the Sample

Basically do no more or no less than treat the Sample the same as a Wavetable where you can automate or modulate the play rate of that sample.

Nothing would change unless you send a modulation source to it, which would override the play position of the sample accordingly.

should allow DJ scratching, vibrato, random analog warble, tapestop, and more.


That would be enormously helpful: I often shy away from using the sample section because of its unpredictability.

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+1 for this one. That would be a great feature and make the sampler a bit more flexible.

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Would love this!

running a sample and hold to the sampler’s playback position would be kind of wild.
if you put a breakbeat in there you could do something like beat slicing.
can think of lots of ways to use such a feature.

Registered account just to request this so commenting to add support. I’m using sample section mainly as FM source and would love be able to modulate to different points/use longer sample containing multiple sounds. For such a simple addition would also add ton of functionality as actual sound source like the breakbeat idea in the comment above.

the wavetable engine already pretty much has it covered i think so i guess the sample player could just as well be replaced by another wavetable oscillator. or?

i guess the wavetable section only plays forward though, right? and i guess the wavetable section doesn’t have per sample playback control, just frames of many samples.

the sample player has the ‘pingpong’ forward/backward mode which is a different super power. but still, the ability to hook the playhead to a modulation source would be insane. do any other synths have that?

The sampler also has a random position start point.

Which means that the code is already there, we just need a knob to control the play position manually :slight_smile:

Using the wavetable engine is also fun, but not quite the same. But it’s still nice, though :slight_smile:

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good point!

Definitely needed. Should have been there.

i haven’t tried other formats than .wav for the sample player, but if there are other formats accepted like mp3 or other codec dependent ones, then i guess an array would need to be created in volatile or non volatile memory in order to modulate the sample position.