Play patch as one-shot?

Quite a trivial question I guess, but I couldn’t find an option to play a patch as one-shot rather than playing continuously (repeat the cycle). I have a bass sound that I want to stop playing once it has faded out and only once I hit a key again it will play the sound from the start…

I’m not sure Vital has a one shot option, there might be a way to do it with modulation routing, but I’m not confidant. You could try and envelope like this and set the polyphony up.

Have you tried to use the envelope setting on your lfo? Just click under the LFO where it says Trigger and choose envelope. Then it is a one shot :slight_smile:

Yes, it kind of worked, even though the sound would not really fade out as long as the key is pressed, but at least it’s not looping the LFO settings all over again.

Thanks, but this didn’t work for me. Why would you want to set the polyphony up? I’m using a polyphone of 1 (= monophony) for bass sounds typically,

If you want the shots to overlap, you’ll need to up the polyphony, I think.

?! Didn’t you wanted a oneshot :grinning: hi, hi.
If you want the LFO to cicle out you can use the Release of env1 to fade out. But then use trigger or synk on the LFO setting. You just have to get the time of the Release right to your liking. Then it cicles as long as you hold the Note and fades out when you stop Pressung the key.

Without seeing your patch it’s difficult to see what’s going wrong for you. A one-shot is usually a finite sample with an infinite (or very long) envelope. If you’re wanting to shape an oscillator’s signal so it plays a note of the same length no matter what length you hold the key for you should set up your first envelope with decay AND release that give you the shape you want and a 0 sustain.
This would be the same with a sample (which is the only way I can see an inadvertent loop happening: oscillators don’t usually “loop” unless you’ve asked them to - Vital’s sample engine will loop if you have loop on, but you can turn it off if you want one-shot samples).