Pitch wheel automation keeps turning off

I made a midi track and am trying to automate my pitch wheel to give a pitch bend effect but once I automate and then play it, the automation deactivates. I reactive it with the left pointing arrow at the top but every time it hits my first point it continues to deactivate. Anyone have any solutions for this?

What DAW are you using? You should also try right clicking the pitch wheel and pressing “clear MIDI assignment”.

ableton and yeah thats not doing it either
still disabling

Left pointing arrow on the top of what? So you recorded the movement of the pitch bend wheel on your midi controller or of the pitch wheel on Vital’s GUI and that recorded automation is disabling for some reason?

Sounds more like an Ableton issue than a Vital issue. I just tried in FL Studio and pitch wheel automation works fine here.

It’s an Ableton thing. ‘Left pointing arrow’ is referring to the arrow near the top right of the arrangement view, used to re-enable arrangement automation on a particular track after clip automation has overridden it.

Sounds like the OP has pitch automation recorded in both the midi clip and the arrangement view on that particular midi track. Depending on which screen you’re in (Session view/Arrangement view) one lot of automation will take precedence over the other when you hit Play.

It’s important to note, clip automation and arrangement automation are two completely separate things.

@speckzbeats95 If you can record a video of what you’re doing and post it here, that would be really helpful as I haven’t fully explained the differences and relationships between clip automation and arrangement automation. It can be quite tricky to get your head around!

If you can’t record a video, save and upload your project somewhere like Drive and then DM me with a link.