Pitch is bent at start up

When i start up Vital 1.5.5 from Ableton 11 the pitch is fully bent if the patch has other then 0 for bend value.
If i have an instant of Vital in a track this is true for the first time I open the track in Ableton.
I have to manually bend the pitch for that Vital instans to “reset” the pitch to no bend.
I use the AKAI MPK mini MK3, but that shoulnt really matter because pitch bend is not sent over midi before you actually bend the pitch with the controller.

My workaround so far is to set the bend for every patch that don’t need pitch bend to zero.
If some instans need pitch bend I have to manually bend the pitch for that instans every time i load the track in Ableton or the pitch will be out of tune with how many semitones the bend value is set to.

Any idea how to fix this?

Does standalone have the same issue or is it just in ableton?

I would try a reinstall or check any midi mappings to double check