Pitch Envelopes

Hey there,
I am a newbie when it comes to synths but up until now, I really really love Vital and all the possibilities it offers.
I have question (probably quite stupid you might think):
I’d like to have a patch drop in pitch on every note played. So I figured I’d use an envelope with no sustain and a short decay and apply it to Pitch Transpose. However, the moment I change the mod amount, it’s the initial pitch that gets changed but I kind of want it the other way round: Starting from the pitch I play, hold it a little and then drop. What am I doing wrong?

I think this video explains well what you are looking for (skipped the promo blah) https://youtu.be/b5DHvS50K1Y?t=25


Hi! Welcome to the Vital community!
Its not a stupid question at all! No one gets it right at first

Do you want it to hold the pitch after it drops, until u release the key? or do u want it to drop the pitch after u release the key?

I recommend using an LFO for this stuff… u can have some freedom with the shape… set it to envelope mode so that it works as an envelope…

For 1st case:- (drop the pitch and hold until released)

  1. I suggest first connect the LFO to the Osc pitch - keep it bipolar and set the modulation value to double the no. of semitones u wanna drop (its a bipolar LFO, so setting its value to 12 will let the LFO affect it 6 semitones upward & 6 downwards, and so on…)
  2. Then draw in the pitch drop in the LFO. Remember, the LFO is bipolar, so draw the envelope u want starting from the centre. (juz chk the screenshot, my explanation is horrible :rofl:)

    Then just set the duration of the LFO as per your taste… Now, u said u want the pitch to stay at the original pitch for a while and then drop… Pretty simple - just dial in the “Delay” of the LFO to the value u want.

For the 2nd case:- (drop the pitch upon release)
Everything stays same except the following -

  1. Change LFO mode to “Sustain Envelope”. this will trigger the LFO once everytime u release a key…
  2. For the pitch drop to be heard audibly, increase the Release on Env. 1 (the amp/volume env). this one’s according to ur taste
  3. Turn down the Delay of the LFO if u want the LFO to trigger as soon as u release the key.

Hope I helped you!


Thank you for this. However I don’t know if it was just me but I found that for the 2nd case, I have to flip vertical and horizontal for it to work