Pitch bend range in MPE mode

When working in MPE, I need to set the pitch bend range to 1 semitone. Vital uses 48 semitones in MPE mode and there is no setting for changing it. Is there a way to set the pitch bend range to the desired value?

I do not have any MPE, so not sure if my answer is completely of, but isn’t that the setting your are looking for?

That can be adjusted from 0 to 48 ? Also there is a additional setting in Advanced Settings “MPE Enabled”. It is actually rather small, easy to overlook:

When MPE is enabled, the pitch bend range will be 48, and the bend setting shown in the picture does not affect it. That’s the problem. Other MPE synths work similarly but the pb range for MPE can be changed with a dedicated setting.

Any news on this feature? I’d love to be able to configure the pitch bend range of MPE as well.

I agree with this. MPE pitch range needs to be configurable. Is
48 semitones hard coded?