Pitch Bend Not Working in Ableton 11?

Hey guys,

Just installed Vital and noticing that the pitch bend from my controllers are not working with Vital. I have both an Ableton Push and AKAI midi controller connected and neither are registering the pitch bend. The wheel within Vital is moving, but the sound is not reacting. Anyone else experiencing this? Check out the screen recording below.

Watch Video

yes also have have this. in 10 and 11. Only works if you toggle MPE on , but then there’s another bug which means MPE status is not saved with the session . so every session you open you also have to go through every vital and re toggle mpe off and on again.

It’s been this way for years.

pitch bend still moves the virtual wheel on screen regardless interestingly though so the info is being passed to the graphics engine, but not the audio . strange.

Stand alone version does not have this behaviour.

This is an intolerable bug. PLEASE patch this