"Physical modeling" breathy flute patch

A very breathy wind instrument patch, using a “physical modeling” approach - white noise passing through two tracking filters, effectively acting as the “resonators” in a wind instrument. Compression to emphasize the onset blowing noise.

It responds to the mod wheel if you want all the good Boards of Canada feels. :smirk:

It only works really well in the F-5 to E-6 or so range - if you manage to improve this with better key-tracking for higher/lower notes, please post back! :wink:


Here I’ve made an MPE version, for added expression (exploring possibilities)
MPE-Breathy Pipe.vital (285.5 KB)


Vital is really great for physical modeling, when Matt will implement volume at filters output level it will be an excellent PM synth.
I love the phaser filter for this kind of tube model.
A tips for pm lovers: if you don’t care about stereo, like me:) and polyphony, you could make a modal filter with using the phaser filter or BP with the 3 available Vital’s filters and multiplying that by 2 if you use the stereo modulator.
( offset parameters, filters freq or what ever you want with the stereo modulator)
Try it, it’s epic.
I try to create a brass patch, at my humble level, inspired by the Greatest Edmund Eagan, (Antonio, I know you know him:)), using an osc with bend and a comb filter.( will be available in the next Eaganmatrix update)
This patch need works but I will share it with you.


I share all my golden tricks:
Depends on the waveform, the spectral modifier stretch harm can give some good results near from what the continuum : Harman module does.


Great ! can’t wait to try it :wink:
I’m very into Vital and its MPE capabilities… early days.

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Nicely done!! Very expressive.