Phase position not accurate on oscilloscope

Hi there,
I have noticed on my oscilloscopes (psyscope and oszillos mega scope) that the position in vital is not matching i.e. for my saw wave I have the position at 180 deg at the peak but my two scopes are showing the wave starting at the zero position. The sound seems correct though as when I shift the phase to create the correct waveform it sounds off. I think that the phase is correct but the scopes are not getting an accurate reading. Is anyone else noticing this?

I have also tested serum and the waveforms match the scope, so its only in vital.


180 will never be a peak, it will always be a 0 crossing, if you want the peaks and troughs of the waves they’ll be at 90 and 270 respectively


Otherwise, yes I think it’s the numbering that is different compared to say Serum, I think it’s just the way Matt may have coded it to start 0 with the negative part of the waveform instead of the positive? (i.e. Vital is “180” ahead of where I’m used to it from Serum


Sorry this was in regards to the saw wave, I didn’t specify.


Vital’s oscillators have zero degrees in the center and 180 degrees at the edge of the display.

So unlike serum which starts in the centre, at 180, that would mean that vitals phase position at 180 is essentially to the far right? Quite odd really. But it would explain the oscilloscope.

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Exactly. Or to the far left, but that should be practically the same, like 180 degrees is the turning point. Dunno which extreme that is exactly.

It’s a bit counterintuitive but then again those degrees are arbitrary anyway.

Thanks. I was just a bit confused because I paid for a course and they showed their saw wave at 180 deg and said that it was the centre (peak) of the waveform and then when they brought up the oscilloscope it showed the peak as the beginning of the waveform, then I did exactly the same and had the opposite outcome. It’s pretty bizarre

Same synth as well

Maybe their wavetable was different, or who knows what. I didn’t know there’s paid Vital courses somewhere. Apparently I should make a better one lol.

lol… nah all good. Its actually a course on kick n bass production but the artist used vital. I realise their mistake now. They had created a kick n bass layer and then went about explaining how it was created whilst talking about the phase wrong and having it at 180 degrees. Then after that he went back to his already finished kick n bass layer and I could see in the background that the phase was at zero, which is why the peak of the saw wave was on the grid. Its a bit poor but at least I know now.

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What’s the genre? Sounds like psy but dunno, maybe there’s knb courses for other styles as well.

I get why they’re using Vital, it’s free anyway so anyone can chime in.

yeah your right its psy, he uses vital for the serial filter processing. He actually plays at the big festivals so not a random but perhaps misinformed

Well any synth will do really, but Vital wouldn’t be my first choice for at least traditional rolling psy bass, since Phase Plant can basically do all the processing inside the synth. But I’ve done some nice ones with Vital as well, it’s a different toolbox and I have my own tricks for that.

So whose course is it?

Btw. Projektor has this hours long psy bass tutorial video on Yt.

Check out Dash Glitch on YouTube for excellent production knowledge, but also specifically for psy :slight_smile:

You can also check vitals scope as well while your noodling around, if it’s a frequency spectrum in the top right (by the output levels) you can click on it to change views! I tend to check especially with bass sounds that the waveform is looking good

Thanks for suggestions. I have watched both Projektor and Dash as you can imagine, such a small community on YT. The paid course was from EClip.

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All good :slight_smile:
Smart that you noticed it! That means your more focused on the concepts rather than just copying the results, which is the best way to learn!
All the best making psy beats! :saluting_face: