Peset save function for FX modules

It would be great if you add a peset save function for FX modules. For example: the OTT module does not have the “Reset settings” function and sometimes I want to return to the standard setting, or load a better setting made earlier.


This was discussed in the Beta and was (hopefully?) added to the list of potential features!


Oh, cool! Thanks for the answer)

As a forum noob I was gonna post this myself!

Seconded, with the additional request of a right click > make default preset, accompanied by the Init preset so as to keep the Vital default. Unsure if this’ll work as this is a plugin, but I love this for ableton.

And to expand on this, it’d be very nice to see this preset saving and loading have the same aesthetic as the preset browser we have already, that’d be great too!
Maybe we’d have the same sort of categorization and all of that, I picture that being a dream for keeping things organized.

yes please