Patch Size Tipp: Patch Export contains full "Whitenoise" sample data even if SMP is switched of

TIPP: When you are not using the SMP then at least replace the whitenoise sample of the “Intial Patch” with a shorter sample.

I have exported the “Initial Patch” right after adding Vital to my Project.
The Patch is 170KB in size.

I have looked into the Patch File, which is mostly text.
And it contains the witenoise sample as binary Blob.

Then I have copied the original Whitenoise Sample to the Users Folder (%home%\documents\Vital\User\Samples) and shortend it considerably.

Again I’ve started with the “Initial Patch”, shortly activated SMP, replaced the original WN with my shorter version and again deactivated SMP.
Again I did an export.

The Patch is now 56 KB in size, so more than 100KB saved… okay in days of TB hardrives not a big deal. But why waste hd space with the same WN sample over and over again … and it is even mostly unused.

] Peter:H [


Hi Peter,
this tipp doesn’t only save space on the HD-drive, but it is also helpful when you want to upload presets :+1:


To add to this, by removing all wavetable keyframes in your Init patch or switching to “Line Source” (instead of Wave Source), you can further squeeze the size down to ~24kb.

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Yeah I really should have a default white noise source that’s built in to cut down on disk space. Will probably do that at some point.


This is a good tip :+1: