Patch disappears after closing/reopening DAW + Default sizing issue - Ableton

Doesn’t always happen, but has only started after updating vital to 1.5.5, after I save and close hte project, and then reopen to work again, some patches (that weren’t frozen in place) just defaulted to init patch.

Also, not as big of an issue, but the sizing of vital when opening it in Ableton has been rather off, been opening to about 1.5x the size of the window it’s opening on. Not sure how to lock the default size of the plugin, or if we can at all -

Are you choosing the size from here or are you clicking and dragging to resize?

Vital 013023-1

Not just patch disappearing, but it changes the pitch (shifts down two semitones) in Ableton upon reloading the Live Set. So, the played noted says G but its playing an F. Changing patch does not fix it. I just found that touching the virtual pitch bend wheel within Vital fixes it.