Patch Browser Showing All Again Pls!

Hi, blown away with this synth so far. Awesome job!

May be user error, but when I first open the patch browser it shows “all” patches. Great. I kinda like that view.

However, If I pick a folder, it then shows just stuff in that folder. But I can’t seem to get back to the “all” patches view. Can’t unclick a folder. Won’t see all patches again until I quit and return again.

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Confirmed. Opening and closing GUI in a DAW all presets will show again.
In standalone, there is no way I could find except to close it and reopen.
Should be a method to select and to deselect, so that the filter is retained in that instance.


I woud have expected that one can deselect a folder by holding ctrl and clicking to see all again, but that is not the case.

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I thought I was going mad.

Do you know if anything about this has been addressed anywhere?

If I select a folder in the preset browser, I cannot go back to displaying ALL patches either.

I then have to remove the instance of Vital, and load a new one, in order to see the entire patch library again, exactly as you had to.

It’s a little bit annoying and deters me from using the favorites/folders feature all together.

The synth, however, is f**king amazing, and I’m having so much fun with it.

This issue was reported rather early on after Vital’s release. Until it is addressed all you have to do is close the gui and reopen Vital and it will go back to All. No need to delete the instance and reload the plugin.

I’ve got this fixed in code by adding an “All” selector so the next version will have this (after QA)

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Alright the fix is in at - version 1.0.4

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