Parameter Automation in Reason

First of all, I’m loving this synth and using it everywhere!

I’m having trouble automating the parameters in Reason 11 (11.3.6d3, build 12,159). I click the automate button, it says to select a parameter (oscillator 3 level) and nothing happens. Reason seems to be a little unstable with VSTs in general though. Anyone else run into this?

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Using Vital as a reason 11 plug in and have been having the same issue. I hope this can be looked into soon.

I am suffering from the same symptoms.
When I run ModWheel or Pitch Bend, the CPU usage suddenly goes up. (Same goes for macros).
If I don’t use automation or MIDI controller to move parameters in real time, I can use it comfortably.

I have the same issue, super obnoxious.