Oversized canvas in Bitwig (1.5.5)

The stand-alone version works fine, but when I load it in BW5, the canvas is 4 times the size of the area that the GUI needs (uses). There is no way to clean up the mess and it takes up the whole screen - making it effectively unusable (extremely cumbersome).

I cannot find any of the scaling options in bitwig that I saw screenshots of before. Bitwig 5 is new, I guess. No longer in beta.

I wanted to downgrade to the older version of Vital but the download link only gives me the v1.5.5 version for the Mac. How can I download the 1.0.3 version to check to see if that works properly with BW5?

They should all be there.

It looks like its there. I download it. Install it (no hint of which version it is during install). I load it up and it’s always version 1.5.5 even though I clicked the other download.

You have more than 1 vital installed and you are opening the old one , not the newly installed one.

Sorry did not read what you wrote : The link to the download file is about 1000 characters long and the last part gives the version number, can you read the whole link ?

No , read your answer again and still think you did not overwrite the 1.5.5 install with the older version.

Okay I have tried a different web browser (in case FF kept caching it). I’ve tried saving the file in a different location. The file is just called VitalInstaller.pkg so there is no way of knowing the version from the file name. The installer always estimates 37.5MB installation footprint.

I don’t know how to uninstall the previous version on mac. It puts files in lots of different places and there is no uninstaller to cleanly remove all the files (whereever they are).

I’ve tried downloading and re-installing about 7 times now. Never get the v1.0.7 It always gives me 1.5.5

Can you try in Finder to find all vital.* on your hard disk ?

BTW what is/are the plug-in path(s) set in Bitwig ? It should be there somewhere.

I think it’s an apple installer thing. It ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to overwrite the existing .app bundle in /Applications until I explicitly deleted the app and re-ran the installer. Then I got v1.0.7 when launching stand-alone version.

Bitwig is a different story. Only the CLAP version is there (from last time) and it is still version 1.5.5 so now I gotta track down whever the hell BW stores that and delete it so I can reinstall it.

Apple refuses to overwrite existing newer files

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I deleted the clap version, re-ran the installer and now I got NO vital plugins at all. No vital.clap file. No vst3 or vst

Rescan in Bitwig ?

Yeah BW took a lot longer than it normally does to pick up the VST3 file from 1.0.7 but it eventually got it.

That version works fine in BT and doesn’t give the over-sized canvas problem.

Looking forward to seeing that issue solved since v 1.5.5 looks very tastey indeed!

Anyway… back to the Dash Glitch tutorial I go…

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I have the same. Running Bitwig with the latest version. Uninstalled Vital (Throwing away the files.) and then reinstalled an older version. Same problem. Standalone it works fine. So it seems it is a Bitwig problem.

Same here, macOS 14.1.1, Bitwig Studio 5.0.11, Vital 1.5.5. Do you know if the “prioritized support” some of us are supposedly entitled to is real, and how do we use that? I see that the original issues hasn’t been resolved since 30 June… If this was just a Bitwig issue, I guess that many other plugins would look the same.

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From another forum:

> Bitwig needs to be full screen for it to be full screen for some reason.

Maybe this works for Vital, until Bitwig solves the issue ?

I had a thread going on this too… Here is your answer (for Bitwig but perhaps on any DAW). Bitwig lets you choose in SETTINGS/Locations a few parameters on how Bitwig behaves relative to plugin formats. You have to deselect “Prefer CLAP over VST”. Upon install or update, Bitwig checks that box and you will no longer even see the other formats (VST3). This was specifically an issue for me because I thought once I removed the CLAP plugin Bitwig would revert to the VST3 version and my project would work. That was not the case as the 2 plugin formats aren’t cross compatible. So… I need to leave CLAP version installed for all my projects that used it to function while never choosing it again for new instances. Of course I could go back and take a bunch of time naming and saving presets over to switch to VST while maintaining “recall” of the plugin state but it’s been used so many times it would just be a non-creative time suck that isn’t worth it. I can confirm that when I load the VST3 version of Vital 1.5.5 the oversized window does not happen and the glitch is specific to the CLAP version. I hope this helps other users. It was making me nuts.
Side note: It seems like the plugin is no longer being worked on by Matt Tytel so I wonder how smart it is to lean heavily on it based on the future of it’s availability. I love it and hope he does continue to support it but… . . . .

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