Other time divisions for synced LFOs + synced Envelope stages


If I want to have the LFO’s synced at a 3/16 speed, I could to a 1/8.
However, setting the LFO to 5/16 is not possible.

I would like to be able to set the values before and after the “/” manually to any value I want.
So if I want to set a 11/37 of a 3/19.

The same goes for the envelopes, would be nice to be able to set the attack to 1/4, the hold to 1/2, the decay to 3/8. and the release to 2/1. Just as an example of course, but the freedom to do so would be well appreciated.

Other than that, absolutely mind blowing synth! It went instant into my top 5.


I agree with this

Absolutely yes. can’t be hard to implement, maybe just for typing a value as the numbers you can type at the moment have only a technocratic meaning. Scrolling can remain for those who stay in their little gridded world…
If I could type something like “3/7” would be great. Actually there would be no need to restrict the integer values you could type. 1023/1024 can make sense as well…