Oscillator Unison Spread Knobs what is?

can anyone explain this knobs for me i read some pdf but can’t understand them carefully
what is this knobs relationship with above them graph ??

Spectral Warping is on the left, Spectral Distortion is on the right
Table Spread is on the top, Spect Spread in the middle, and Dist Spread on the bottom.

The initial set value of the spectral warp knob is represented by the first line of it’s respective row of lines (1.). The final line is representative of the addition between the initial knob’s value and the value of the SPECT SPREAD knob (2.). The lines in-between represent to what degree each unison voice will have the spectral warping effect applied (3.). Essentially, the graph shows how much the spectral warping effect is applied to different unison voices.

You can see that with a SPECT SPREAD of 0, all the unison voices get the same application of spectral warping.

spectspread.vital (245.4 KB)
Here’s a patch that demonstrates the use of SPECT SPREAD to isolate the different harmonics added when using the Odd Harmonics stack. Hopefully the audible intuition should help my probably confusing explanation.


Thank you i fully understand it but i think this two knob name is Incorrectly stated

It looks like I’m talking out of my ass again, nvrm. :sunglasses: